Iisis is the biggest Egyptian Goddess depicted for Love, healing and as protector of the deads. In Egyptian myths, Iisis is wife and sister of Osiris and was instrumental in resurrecting Osiris from his death. Miteiya imparts extreme importance to this Goddess since words like Ishwar, Islam and Ishu Mashih originates from the word Iisis. This goddess is extremely important in Bible as John, the Baptist drew his first inspirations from the Ministry of Iisis. We have used this brand to mark the respect towards “Womanhood” also known as Prakriti in ancient Indian scriptures. Product under this brand are influenced by Egyptian and Sumerian ingredients.

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The Most Revered Egyptian Goddess of Love, Healing, and Protection

Iisis stands as one of the most powerful and venerated deities in ancient Egyptian mythology. Revered for her attributes of love, healing, and protection, she holds a paramount position in the pantheon of gods and goddesses. Her influence stretches beyond myth, leaving an indelible mark on various cultures and religions throughout history.

phyto atomy iisis

The Mythological Significance of Isis

In Egyptian myths, Isis is depicted as the devoted wife and sister of Osiris, the god of the afterlife. Her role is pivotal in the tale of Osiris’s death and resurrection. When Osiris was murdered by their brother Set, it was Isis’s unwavering love and extraordinary magical prowess that brought Osiris back to life. This act of resurrection not only underscores her power but also her profound role as a healer and protector.

The Influence of Iisis on Language and Religion

The significance of Isis extends into linguistics and religious terminology. The ancient goddess’s name is believed to have influenced several words and names in different cultures. The terms “Ishwar,” “Islam,” and “Ishu Mashih” (Jesus Christ) are thought to be etymologically linked to Isis. This connection highlights the goddess’s far-reaching impact and her integration into various religious contexts.

Iisis in the Bible and Christian Tradition

Iisis’s influence is also present in Christian tradition. John the Baptist, a pivotal figure in the New Testament, is said to have drawn his initial inspiration from the teachings and ministry of Iisis. This connection underscores the goddess’s enduring legacy and her influence on religious thought and practice beyond the confines of ancient Egypt.

Honoring Womanhood: The Brand Philosophy

Our brand, named in homage to Iisis, is a tribute to womanhood, also known as Prakriti in ancient Indian scriptures. Prakriti represents the feminine principle of nature and creativity, embodying the essence of womanhood. By choosing Isis as our brand name, we honor the timeless values of strength, compassion, and resilience inherent in every woman.

Products Inspired by Ancient Wisdom

Our products under the Iisis brand are meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Egyptian and Sumerian ingredients. These ancient civilizations were pioneers in harnessing the power of nature for healing and beauty. By incorporating their wisdom into our products, we aim to provide modern solutions that are both effective and rooted in time-tested traditions.


Iisis, the quintessential goddess of love, healing, and protection, continues to inspire and influence across ages and cultures. Her legacy is a testament to the enduring power of mythology and the profound reverence for the divine feminine. Through our brand, we celebrate this legacy, honoring womanhood and the ancient wisdom that guides us towards holistic well-being.

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